Saakhi ( “Vasde raho, Ujad Jao” )

During one of his Udasis Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj along with Bhai Mardana ji visited a village where the people were very mean and did not paid any attention to spiritual values or honesty in their lives. Upon leaving the village after some days he rose his hand up and blessed the villagers and said – “Vasde raho”(May u prosper).

Next day Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj along with Bhai Mardana ji reached another village. In this village contrary to the people of the previous village the residents were very kind, honest and spiritual minded. They respected and paid utmost respect to Guru Nanak Dev ji. Guru ji spent some days there very comfortably and then bid farewell to village. While leaving, on outskirts of village Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj rose his hand up again said, “Ujad Jao” ( May you get displaced).

On hearing this Bhai Mardana ji was taken by surprise. He asked the Guru why he did so.
The Guru’s response was simple :
These people are good people with great values, and if they leave the village and go to
different parts of the world wherever they go they will spread these values among the local population. More people will get influenced and become good and ethical ( by doin their sangat). The world will change for the better. Whereas people from the first village had no values and thus must live there only because these are not the values that need to be spread.

“Sat sangati kaisee jaaneeyai. Jithai eko naam vakhaaneeyai” (sggs 72)

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